Heading West

So, a couple of weeks or so ago I was pulled off the project I was working on. I went into the field dealing with heat stress for 4 days, on took the next day off. The day after that I went to a walk-in clinic and tried to go back to work afterwards, but only made it about half an hour or less before feeling absolutely horrible and having to duck out after only 2.5 hours of work. Consequently I only worked 5 days of the 8 days session. And that was the second time I got heat stress on this project. The conditions were pretty gnarly: outside the corn the heat was generally in the 90’s or upper 80’s and that was without the heat index. I completely understand the company’s decision- and they were nice enough to mention that it was not only for the good of their project, but also for my health. They also made sure I knew that I was good archaeologist and a hard worker and they’d like to work with me again if another project comes up with different conditions- a project in cooler weather or not in corn. I guess being in the corn in the heat/humidity here was not something my body was prepared for and just couldn’t handle.
Admittedly, I’ve been on a project before where when things got too tough instead of asking God for guidance and strength I made the decision to bail. I didn’t want to make that mistake here so I had every intention of going back out into the field and finishing out the project. It’s best for all involved though that I’m not there. I’m not slowing down their project and being a liability in the field, and I’m not pushing myself further than I should. Though I do regret that even though I gave it everything I was and was willing to give it more, it wasn’t enough.
I do appreciate that the company gave me the opportunity to work on the East Coast; and that I was able to find out my limits under a company that cares for not only their projects, but the techs they employ as well.
After a week of being out of the field I finally got over all the symptoms and have since been able to really hang out with my brother and his family. The experiences out here have been good and I was blessed to be able to work out here. Now to head back west, look for a new project, and get my certification for personal training. I’m excited for the road ahead.